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Future Plans

“What do you see as the future of your organization?”

We put every CDC’s response into a program that took the most frequent words and enlarged them.



“We need to be the place where immigrants and others come to get hooked in and connected to the community.”
“We hope to develop some of our skills around development and management and services into revenue-producing enterprises.”
“This organization has been around for 34 years and we expect to be here for many more.”
“Growth.” “Change.” “No change.”

In the written responses 29% mentioned future growth, 26% indicated they would continue with their mission, 20% said they wanted to do more with an existing program, 17% talked about adding services, 16% were generally positive but did not give specifics and 15% believed their future to be uncertain or expected shrinking funding.

Expected Future of OrganizationPercentage of Organizations Reporting Given Future Expectations
Overall Growth29%
Continue with Mission26%
Focus More on an Existing Program20%
New Programs/Services17%
Uncertain or Negative15%


Examples of services CDCs were considering included veterans services, more housing programs, housing rehab, home repairs, job training and life skills, youth programs, an integrated health clinic and services for businesses.

CDCs Aspiring to Add New ServicesPercentage
Unsure or N/A19%