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The 2013 Industry Report provides a snapshot of the community economic development industry based on survey responses from 82 community development corporations (CDCs) across Michigan that are members of CEDAM. CDCs include – but are not limited to – urban and rural CDCs, community action agencies, Habitat for Humanity affiliates, Main Street programs and neighborhood groups.

2013 Industry Report Summary (PDF)Two page document providing a very brief overview of some key data on this website.

2008 Industry Report (PDF)Fifty-six page booklet containing the entire 2008 industry report.


Since 2004 CEDAM has conducted a survey of the community economic development industry approximately every four years. The 2013 survey is based on questions from the 2008 survey, in addition to new and emerging trends in community economic development as identified by CEDAM staff and CEDAM members. Blank 2013 Survey (PDF) Blank 2013 Housing Addendum (PDF) The initial survey was sent to all current CEDAM members online via Fluid Surveys and as a mailed hard copy upon request; members had approximately 45 days to complete the survey between January 2013 and February 2013, with additional follow-up calls in early March. CEDAM received a 70% completion rate on the surveys, or complete responses from 82 different CDC members. Incomplete responses were discarded and the data was then checked for consistency. After reviewing the results of the initial survey, it was clear that some CDCs which did in fact produce affordable housing from 2012-2013 did not respond to the question on the survey because it asked for detailed budget information and did not offer a simple check-the-box option. CEDAM sent out a housing mini survey in April to the original 82 respondents, which 45 completed. The results from that survey were added to the original data as X’s where the CDC did produce housing but did not report budget information.


The original data has been stripped of identifying information and is available upon request.

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